Kent Estep (effects)


04/29 - Wedding Palace [ Facebook ]

04/01 - Cat Run

03/25 - Sucker Punch


Michael Michele


1966/08/30 Evansville

2011 - Gossip Girl (TV)

1992 - Dangerous Curves (TV)


Rod Spence (writer)

2012 - (03/17 TV) Chasing Leprechauns

2008 - The Good Witch (Movies based on characters: 2009 - The Good Witch's Garden, 2010 - The Good Witch's Gift, 2011 - The Good Witch's Family.)


Matt Williams

2012 - As Cool as I Am?


Little Big Man. The lead character in the book was from Evansville, IN.

Chapter 1, "A Terrible Mistake", opens like this:
"I am a white man and never forget it, but I was brought up by the Cheyenne Indians from the age of ten.
"My Pa had been a minister of the gospel in Evansville, Indiana. He didn't have a regular church, but managed to talk some saloonkeeper into letting him use his place of a Sunday morning for services..."

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