Jill BennettEdit

Official site, Fan site


Slate and KellyEdit


Dan ButlerEdit


Crazy, Stupid, LoveEdit

04/22 release

Philo T. FarnsworthEdit

Pioneer inventor of Television.

The Philo T. Farmsworth Archives (CMG), Wikipedia
  • 1906/08/16 - Born: Beaver, Utah.
  • 1927/09/07 - Invented all-electronic television.
  • 1938 - Farnsworth Television and Radio Corporation in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
  • 1951 - Farnsworth Television became International Telephone and Telegraph (ITT)
  • thumb|300px|right1957/07/03 - "I've Got a Secret" guest.
  • 1967/Spring - Moved back to Utah.
  • 1971/03/11 - Died: Holladay, Utah.

Jim LeonardEdit

Born: 03/07 Ft. Wayne.



"Dexter" [consulting producer]

2005 "Close to Home" [creator]

John RezigEdit


"True Blood"Edit

09/28/08-07/18/10 - 'Deputy Kevin Ellis'

Robert RuslerEdit




Shelley Long
Dick York
Carole Lombard
Eric Bruskotter
Drake Hogestyn
Herb Vigran
Cameron Scher
Jan Schweiterman
Julia Barr
Patrick McVey
Karl Bruskotter
Sharon Gabet
Randy Thompson
Ed Viesturs
Debbie Campbell
Jim Leonard
Jason Horton
Eric Hulen
Allison Flanagan
Stephanie Larimore
Lyn Thomas
Jeridan Frye
Ryan Yerrick
George Jean Nathan
Dean Corll
Gwen Willson
Maurice Hill
Rod Woodson
Tyler Tharpe
Amy Denning Winfrey
Natasha Stone
Bill Blass
Ludi Claire
Wallace Worsley Jr.
Nathan Gotsch
Courtney Leigh Heins
Julia M. Taylor
Maggie Ostroff
Autumn Westin
Peter Joseph Lewis
Rick Braverman
Art Smith
A.C. McCray
Kylie Kurves
Sweet Louie
Jovoan Sanders
Mark Souder
Earl McCarthy
George Poorman
DeMarcus Beasley
Kyle Sprowl
Bobby Stevens
Carinne Uslar
Bruce Nauman
Sonny Charles
Karl Detzer
Douglas F. Lebrecht
David Riedel
Kenneth Loechner
Emil Sitko
Perry Monroe
Jason Wood
Clifton Brandon
Jason Fabini
Ray Scherer
Lourelei Prior
Janette Myers
Brandon Peters
Michael Storch
Cody Strack
Jason Baker
Gray Morrow
Le'Ron McClain
Jonathan Barajas
Brandy Runyan

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