William Caress


1885/05/02 Berns City [1]

Hoosier Home

Elnora; French Lick


1938/08/09 French Lick


1927 - 1928 Western actor with Buck Jones and Tom Mix.

William Caress

1928 - Hello Cheyenne

1927 - Chain Lightning; Black Jack (with Buck Jones)

Steve Clark


1891/02/26 Daviess County




1932 - 1954

Steve Clark - Henchman, Ranch Father, Sheriff

1954 - (1950 - 1954 TV) The Cisco Kid

1953 - (1951 - 1953 TV) The Range Rider

1952 - (1949 - 1952 TV) The Lone Ranger

1948 - Under California Stars

1935 - The Laramie Kid

Fred Clark


1897/08/24 Evansville, IN




1929 - 1955

Fred Rose - Songwriter. Wrote songs with Gene Autry.

1985 - Songwriter Hall of Fame

1961 - Country Music Hall of Fame

1942 - Acuff-Rose Publications

2010 Get Him to the Greek - Soundtrack (writer: "Deed I Do")
2009 Zombieland - Soundtrack (writer: "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain")
2007 Neal Cassady - Soundtrack (writer: "We'll Rest at the End of the Trail")
2006 The Hottest State - Soundtrack (writer: "Blue Eyes Cryin' In The Rain")
2006 Glory Road - Soundtrack (writer: "Kaw Liga")
2005 The Wendell Baker Story - Soundtrack (writer: "Thank God", "Settin' the Woods on Fire")
2005 Man of the House - Soundtrack (writer: "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain")
2002 Monk: Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger (TV episode) - Soundtrack (writer: "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" (uncredited))
2000 George Wallace: Settin' the Woods on Fire (documentary) - composer (song "Settin' the Woods on Fire")
1993 The Beverly Hillbillies - Soundtrack (producer: "I'M SO LONELY I COULD CRY")
1992 Radio Flyer - Soundtrack (writer: "Blues Eyes Crying in the Rain")
1990 Texasville - Soundtrack (writer: "Kaw-Liga")
1990 State of Grace - Soundtrack (writer: "I Gave My Wedding Dress Away")
1990 Another 48 Hrs. - Soundtrack ("I'LL NEVER GET OUT OF THIS WORLD ALIVE")
1984 Body and Soul (TV movie) - Soundtrack ("'Deed I Do")
1968 The Detour - Soundtrack (music: "Dej mi pár okovu /Take These Chains From My Heart/")
1967 Bonnie and Clyde - Soundtrack (writer: "Doin' My Time")
1959 Peter Gunn: Protection (TV episode) - Soundtrack (writer: "'Deed I Do")
1955 The Gene Autry Show: Guns Below the Border (TV episode) - Soundtrack (writer: "Under Fiesta Stars")
1953 On Top of Old Smoky - Soundtrack (writer: "I Hang My Head and Cry")
1953 Winning of the West - Soundtrack (music: "I'm a Cowpoke Pokin' Along" (uncredited)) (lyrics: "I'm a Cowpoke Pokin' Along" (uncredited))
1952 Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla - Soundtrack ("'Deed I Do")
1951 Whirlwind - Soundtrack (writer: "Twiddle O'Twill", "As Long As I Live")
1951 Silver City Bonanza - Soundtrack (writer: "Lollipop Lane")
1950 The Gene Autry Show: Six-Shooter Sweepstakes (TV episode) - Soundtrack (writer: "There's a Rainbow on the Rio Colorado")
1950 When You're Smiling - Soundtrack (writer: "'Deed I Do")
1949 Sons of New Mexico - Soundtrack (writer: "There's A Rainbow On The Rio Colorado")
1947 Robin Hood of Texas - Soundtrack (writer: "The Merry-Go-Roundup")
1947 Swing the Western Way - Soundtrack (writer: "Home in San Antone") (as Floyd Jenkins)
1947 Over the Santa Fe Trail - Soundtrack (writer: "Fire Ball Mail") (as Floyd Jenkins)
1946 Night Train to Memphis - Soundtrack (writer: "Sally Goodin'")
1945 Flaming Bullets - Soundtrack (writer: "I Hang My Head and Cry")
1944 Sing, Neighbor, Sing - Soundtrack (writer: "Sing, Neighbor, Sing", "Easy Rockin' Chair")
1944 Cowboy Canteen - Soundtrack (writer: "Wait For the Light To Shine" (uncredited))
1943 Man from Music Mountain - Soundtrack (writer: "I'm Beginning to Care")
1943 Sagebrush Law - Soundtrack (writer: "Down the Cherokee Trail", "Crazy Old Trails")
1943 Fighting Frontier - Soundtrack (writer: "The Edwards and the Drews", "The Outlaw Trail")
1942 Bandit Ranger - Soundtrack (writer: "Move Along Little Dogie" (1942), "I'm Musical Ike" (1942))
1942 Land of the Open Range - Soundtrack (music: "Ki-Yo My Horse Is Slow" (1942), "Land of the Open Range" (1942)) (lyrics: "Ki-Yo My Horse Is Slow" (1942), "Land of the Open Range" (1942))
1942 Riding the Wind - Soundtrack (writer: "I'll Live Until I Die" (1942), "Goin' on a Hayride Tonight" (1942), "Ridin' the Wind" (1942))
1942 Stardust on the Sage - Soundtrack (music: "You'll Be Sorry" (1942) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "You'll Be Sorry" (1942) (uncredited))
1942 Red River Robin Hood - Soundtrack (music: "Twilight on the Prairie" (1940)) (lyrics: "Twilight on the Prairie" (1940))
1942 Pirates of the Prairie - Soundtrack (writer: "Where The Mountains Meet The Moonlight", "Grandpop")
1942 Strictly in the Groove - Soundtrack (writer: "Be Honest With Me')
1942 Thundering Hoofs - Soundtrack (writer: "Thundering Hoof Beats", "Ramble On")
1942 In Old California - Soundtrack (writer: "She Was a Heavenly Sight", "California Joe")
1942 Home in Wyomin' - Soundtrack (writer: "Tweedle O'Twill", "Be Honest with Me", "Twilight in Old Wyomin'")
1942 Heart of the Rio Grande - Soundtrack (writer: "I'll Wait For You", "Rocky Canyon")
1941 Dude Cowboy - Soundtrack (writer: "End of the Canyon Trail", "Dude Cowboy", "Silver Rio", "Echo Singing in the Wild Wind")
1941 Sierra Sue - Soundtrack (writer: "Be Honest With Me" (uncredited), "I'll Be True While You're Gone" (uncredited))
1941 The Bandit Trail - Soundtrack (writer: "On the Outlaw Trail")
1941 Bad Man of Deadwood - Soundtrack (writer: "Home on the Rangeland", "Song of the Dusty Trail")
1941 Under Fiesta Stars - Soundtrack (writer: "Under Fiesta Stars")
1941 Six-Gun Gold - Soundtrack (writer: "Six Gun Gold", "Roll Along Home")
1941 Cyclone on Horseback - Soundtrack (music: "Bangtail", "Tumbleweed Cowboy", "Blue Nightfall") (lyrics: "Bangtail", "Tumbleweed Cowboy", "Blue Nightfall")
1941 Robbers of the Range - Soundtrack (writer: "The Railroad's Coming to Town")
1941 Pot o' Gold - Soundtrack (writer: "When Johnny Toots His Horn" (uncredited))
1941 Along the Rio Grande - Soundtrack (music: "Old Monterey Moon" (uncredited), "My Grandpap" (uncredited), "Along the Rio Grande" (uncredited)) (lyrics: "Old Monterey Moon" (uncredited), "My Grandpap" (uncredited), "Along the Rio Grande" (uncredited))
1941 Ridin' on a Rainbow - Soundtrack (writer: "Be Honest With Me") * Oscar Nomination
1940 Melody Ranch - Soundtrack (music: "We Never Dream the Same Dream Twice" (1940) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "We Never Dream the Same Dream Twice" (1940) (uncredited))
1940 Rancho Grande - Soundtrack (writer: "Whistle" (1940) (uncredited)) (music: "Dude Ranch Cow Hands"(1938) (uncredited), "I Don't Belong in Your World" (1939) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "Dude Ranch Cow Hands"(1938) (uncredited), "I Don't Belong in Your World" (1939) (uncredited))
1940 The Fargo Kid - Soundtrack (music: "Crazy Ole Trails Ahead", "Twilight on the Prairie", "Echo in the Night") (lyrics: "Crazy Ole Trails Ahead", "Twilight on the Prairie", "Echo in the Night")
1940 Barnyard Follies - Soundtrack (writer: "Big Boy Blues", "Barnyard Holiday", "Lollipop Lane", "I Love to Be a Cowboy")
1940 Wagon Train - Soundtrack (writer: "Wagon Train', "Why Shore", "A Girl Just Like You", "Farewell")
1940 Triple Justice - Soundtrack (writer: "Lonely Rio")
1940 Prairie Law - Soundtrack (writer: "Let Me Ride Down a Rocky Canyon")
1939 Blue Montana Skies - Soundtrack (writer: "Rockin' in the Saddle" (1939) (uncredited), "'Neath the Blue Montana Skies" (1939) (uncredited), "The Old Geezer" (1939) (uncredited), "I Just Want You" (1939) (uncredited))
1939 Colorado Sunset - Soundtrack (writer: "Poor Little Dogie" (1939) (uncredited))
1939 In Old Monterey - Soundtrack (writer: "Little Pardner" (1939) (uncredited))
1939 Mountain Rhythm - Soundtrack (writer: "It Was Only a Hobo's Dream" (1939) (uncredited), "Gold Mine in Your Heart" (1939) (uncredited), "Knights of the Open Road" (1939) (uncredited))
1939 Racketeers of the Range - Soundtrack (music: "Caboose on the Red ball Train" (1939), "Sleepy Wrangler" (1939)) (lyrics: "Caboose on the Red ball Train" (1939), "Sleepy Wrangler" (1939))
1939 Rovin' Tumbleweeds - Soundtrack (music: "Away Out Yonder" (uncredited), "Paradise in the Moonlight" (1939) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "Away Out Yonder" (uncredited), "Paradise in the Moonlight" (1939) (uncredited))
1939 South of the Border - Soundtrack (writer: "Merry-Go-Roundup" (uncredited), "Horse Opry" (uncredited))
1939 In Old Caliente - Soundtrack (writer: "Sundown on the Rangeland")
1939 Southward Ho - Soundtrack (writer: "I Hope I'm Not Dreaming Again")
1938 Gold Mine in the Sky - Soundtrack (writer: "Dude Ranch Cowhands" (1938), "As Long as I Have My Horse" (1938))
1938 Prairie Moon - Soundtrack (music: "Rhythm of the Hoofbeats" (1938) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "Rhythm of the Hoofbeats" (1938) (uncredited))
1938 Rhythm of the Saddle - Soundtrack (writer: "Oh! Ladies" (1938) (uncredited)) (music: "Merry Go Roundup" (1938) (uncredited), "The Old Trail" (1938) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "Merry Go Roundup" (1938) (uncredited), "The Old Trail" (1938) (uncredited))
1938 Western Jamboree - Soundtrack (writer: "Balloon Song" (uncredited)) (music: "I Love the Morning" (uncredited), "Paradise in the Moonlight" (1938) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "I Love the Morning" (uncredited), "Paradise in the Moonlight" (1938) (uncredited))
1938 Man from Music Mountain - Soundtrack (writer: "There's a Little Deserted Town on the Prairie" (uncredited), "Love, Burning Love" (uncredited), "Good Bye, Pinto" (uncredited)) (music: "I'm Beginning to Care" (1938) (uncredited)) (lyrics: "I'm Beginning to Care" (1938) (uncredited))
1937 Porky's Railroad (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Streamlined Greta Green" (uncredited))
1937 The Mystery of the Hooded Horsemen - "Ride, Ride, Ride" [Tex Ritter film]
1937 Streamlined Greta Green (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Streamlined Greta Green" (uncredited))
1937 Porky's Duck Hunt (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Streamlined Greta Green")
1936 Leon Navara and Orchestra (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Black Maria" (uncredited))
1932 Pie, Pie Blackbird (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Black Maria" (uncredited))
1931 Angel Cake (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Black Maria" (uncredited))
1931 Sky High (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Black Maria" (uncredited))
1930 I Came First (short) - Soundtrack (writer: "Sweet Papa, Your Mama's Getting Mad" (uncredited))
1929 Here Comes the Bridesmaid (short) - Soundtrack ("No One's Fool")
  1. Sideshow World

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