Claude Akins
1965 Still Conners


1926/05/25 Nelson, GA

Hoosier home





1953 - 1994

1994 The Search (TV movie) - Actor
1994 Twisted Fear - Detective Lucky Douglas, dedicated to the memory of
1993 Hollywood Beat: Episode #1.1 (TV episode) - Himself, guest
1993 Seasons of the Heart - William Clay
1992 Eerie, Indiana: The Hole in the Head Gang (TV episode) - Bank Robber/Grungy Bill
1992 Grass Roots (TV movie) - Sheriff
1992 Falling from Grace - Speck Parks
1992 Incident at Victoria Falls (TV movie) - Theodore Roosevelt
1991 In the Heat of the Night: An Eye for an Eye (TV episode) - Benjamin Sloan
1991 The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw (TV movie) - President Theodore Roosevelt
1991 Where Evil Lives - Jack Devlin
1989 Hunter: The Legion: Part 2 (TV episode) - Andy Polanski (uncredited)
1989 Hunter: The Legion: Part 1 (TV episode) - Andy Polanski
1989 Mothers, Daughters and Lovers (TV movie) - Kibby
1989 Matlock: The Thoroughbred (TV episode) - Sam Taylor
1987 If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium (TV movie) - Mo Wyshocki
1987 The Curse - Nathan
1987 The New Mike Hammer: Green Blizzard (TV episode) - Mike Hammer's friend
1986 Manhunt for Claude Dallas (TV movie) - Bill Pogue
1986 Monster in the Closet - Sheriff Sam Ketchem
1986 Dream West (TV mini-series) - Tom Fitzpatrick
1986 Crazy Like a Fox: Fox on the Range (TV episode) - Actor
1986 Academy of Country Music's 20th Anniversary Reunion (TV special) - Himself
1986 Pushed Too Far - Sheriff
1986 Tall Tales & Legends: Pecos Bill (TV episode) - Grandpa/Narrator
1985 Hotel: Saving Grace (TV episode) - Tyler Evans
1985 Hotel: Love and Honor (TV episode) - Joe Lindstrom
1984 Murder, She Wrote: Death Takes a Curtain Call (TV episode) - Captain Ethan Cragg
1984 The Love Boat: Country Blues/A Matter of Taste/Frat Brothers Forever (TV episode) - Cappy
1984 Murder, She Wrote: Hit, Run and Homicide (TV episode) - Capt. Ethan Cragg
1984 The Baron and the Kid (TV movie) - Harley
1984 Murder, She Wrote: Hooray for Homicide (TV episode) - Capt. Ethan Cragg
1984 Murder, She Wrote: Deadly Lady (TV episode) - Capt. Ethan Cragg
1984 Legmen: A Woman's Work (TV episode) - Tom Bannon
1984 Masquerade: Winnings (TV episode) - Actor
1984 Legmen: How the Other Half Dies (TV episode) - Tom Bannon
1984 Celebrity (TV mini-series) - Uncle Bun Luther
1984 The Master: Max (TV episode) - Mr. Trumbull
1983 The Love Boat: The Last Case/Looking for Mr. Wilson/Love on Strike (TV episode) - Colonel Maddox
1983 Desperate Intruder (TV movie) - Carl
1982 Bus Stop (TV movie) - Sheriff Will
1981 Darkroom: Uncle George (TV episode) - Bert Haskell
1981 Fantasy Island: Lillian Russell/The Lagoon (TV episode) - Calvin Pearson
1981 The Way They Were (TV special) - Self
1981 All-Star Salute to Mother's Day (TV special) - Himself
1981 The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: Keep on Buckin' (TV episode) - Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
1979 B.J. and the Bear: Run for the Money (TV episode) - Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
1979 Concrete Cowboys: Concrete Cowboys (TV episode) - Woody Stone
1979 The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo: The Day That Shark Ate Lobo (TV episode) - Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
1979 Ebony, Ivory and Jade (TV movie) - Joe Blair
1979 B.J. and the Bear: Lobo (TV episode) - Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
1979 B.J. and the Bear: Lobo's Revenge (TV episode) - Sheriff Elroy P. Lobo
1979 B.J. and the Bear: Odyssey of the Shady Truth (TV episode) - Sheriff Lobo
1979 The Country Western Murders (TV movie) - Billy West
1978 B.J. and the Bear: The Foundlings (TV episode) - Sheriff Lobo
1978 Little Mo (TV movie) - Gus Berste
1978 Police Story: The Broken Badge (TV episode) - Officer Charles Stacy
1977 Tarantulas: The Deadly Cargo (TV movie) - Bert Springer
1977 The Oregon Trail: Trapper's Rendezvous (TV episode) - Lemus Harker
1977 Killer on Board (TV movie) - Oscar Billingham
1977 Nashville 99: The Fallen Idol (TV episode) - Lt. Stoney Huff
1977 Nashville 99: Joldy (TV episode) - Det. Lt. Stonewall Jackson 'Stoney' Huff
1977 Nashville 99: Sing Me a Song to Die By (TV episode) - Det. Lt. Stonewall Huff
1977 The Rhinemann Exchange (TV mini-series) - Walter Kendall
1977 Tentacles - Sheriff Robards
1977 Yesterday's Child (TV movie) - Cliff Henley
1976 Kiss Me, Kill Me (TV movie) - Harry Grant
1976 Dinah!: Episode #2.152 (TV episode) - Himself
1976 Movin' On: Sing It Again, Sonny (TV episode) - Sonny Pruitt
1976 Police Story: The Long Ball (TV episode) - Sergeant R.C. Pickett
1975 Timber Tramps - Matt
1975 Eric (TV movie) - Stanley 'Stan' Swenson
1975 Medical Story (TV movie) - Dr. Matthews
1974 Toma: The Accused (TV episode) - Bernie Travlos
1974 Movin' On: In Tandem (TV episode) - Sonny Pruitt
1974 Mannix: Mask for a Charade (TV episode) - Sgt. Al Reardon
1974 McCloud: The Colorado Cattle Caper (TV episode) - Sheriff Floyd Bevins
1974 The Streets of San Francisco: A String of Puppets (TV episode) - Bob Mason - Parole Officer
1974 The Death Squad (TV movie) - Connie Brennan
1973 Marcus Welby, M.D.: A Cry in the Night (TV episode) - Jim Randall
1973 Police Story: The Ten Year Honeymoon (TV episode) - Ken Shaner
1973 Cannon: Target in the Mirror (TV episode) - Lt. Bill Blaine
1973 Medical Center: Time of Darkness (TV episode) - Williams
1973 The Rookies: Margin for Error (TV episode) - Buck Sanborn
1973 Battle for the Planet of the Apes - General Aldo
1973 Barnaby Jones: Murder-Go-Round (TV episode) - Eli Rile
1973 The Norliss Tapes (TV movie) - Sheriff Tom Hartley
1973 Mission: Impossible: Speed (TV episode) - Sam Hibbing
1973 Hec Ramsey: Mystery of the Yellow Rose (TV episode) - Marshal Bert McCabe
1973 Wide World Mystery: Shadow of Fear (TV episode) - Styran
1972 Love, American Style: (segment "Love and the First Kiss")
1972 Skyjacked - Sgt. Ben Puzo
1972 The F.B.I.: Dark Journey (TV episode) - Jason Peale
1972 Gunsmoke: The Predators (TV episode) - Howard Kane
1972 Longstreet: Eye of the Storm (TV episode) - Flecker
1972 The Night Stalker (TV movie) - Sheriff Butcher
1972 McMillan & Wife: The Face of Murder (TV episode) - Freddie O'Neal
1971 River of Mystery (TV movie) - Ernie Dorata
1971 Lock, Stock and Barrel (TV movie) - Punck Logan
1970 Flap - Lobo Jackson
1970 A Man Called Sledge - Hooker
1969 The Great Bank Robbery - Slade
1968 The Outsider: Along Came a Spider (TV episode) - Detective Keller
1968 The Devil's Brigade - Pvt. Rocky Rockman
1968 Garrison's Gorillas: Ride of Terror (TV episode) - Col. Pryor
1967 Judd for the Defense: Everybody Loved Harlan Except His Wife (TV episode) - Calvin Wolf
1967 Hondo: Hondo and the Gladiators (TV episode) - Brock
1967 Waterhole #3 - MSgt. Henry J. Foggers
1967 The Guns of Will Sonnett: Ride the Long Trail (TV episode) - Turnbaugh
1967 Laredo: Walk Softly (TV episode) - Cotton Buckmeister
1967 Gunsmoke: Ladies from St. Louis (TV episode) - Worth Sweeney
1967 Laredo: A Question of Guilt (TV episode) - Cotton Buckmeister
1967 Combat!: Nightmare on the Red Ball Run (TV episode) - Rosie
1967 Laredo: Hey Diddle Diddle (TV episode) - Cotton Buckmeister
1967 The Lucy Show: Lucy Meets the Law (TV episode) - Lt. Finch
1967 First to Fight - Capt. Mason
1966 Return of the Seven - Frank
1966 Combat!: Ollie Joe (TV episode) - Pelton
1966 The Monroes: Ride with Terror (TV episode) - Bud Chapel
1966 Gunsmoke: Snap Decision (TV episode) - Marshal Clint Tucker
1966 Hazel: But Is It Art? (TV episode) - Milwaukee Ames
1966 Laredo: The Treasure of San Diablo (TV episode) - Cotton Buckmeister
1966 Combat!: Ask Me No Questions (TV episode) - Mastin
1966 Incident at Phantom Hill - Otto Krausman
1966 Laredo: Limit of the Law Larkin (TV episode) - Cotton Buckmeister
1966 The Legend of Jesse James: The Colt (TV episode) - Harte
1966 Ride Beyond Vengeance - Elwood Coates
1965 The Man from U.N.C.L.E.: The Very Important Zombie Affair (TV episode) - El Supremo
1965 The Big Valley: The Brawlers (TV episode) - John James 'Jimmy' Callahan
1965 The F.B.I.: How to Murder an Iron Horse (TV episode) - Ben Gambriella
1965 The Virginian: The Laramie Road (TV episode) - Hezekiah
1965 The Trials of O'Brien: Picture Me a Murder (TV episode) - Glen Daley
1965 A Man Called Shenandoah: Obion - 1866 (TV episode) - Fordy Brown
1965 Rawhide: Walk into Terror (TV episode) - Jerry Boggs
1965 Gunsmoke: Bad Lady from Brookline (TV episode) - Sy Sherne
1965 Slattery's People: Question: When Do We Hang the Good Samaritan? (TV episode) - Dr. Roy Kirk
1965 Daniel Boone: A Place of 1000 Spirits (TV episode) - Toka
1965 Branded: The Vindicators (TV episode) - Ned Travis
1964 Gunsmoke: Innocence (TV episode) - Art McLane
1964 Mr. Novak: One Monday Afternoon (TV episode) - Lou Myerson
1964 Kraft Suspense Theatre: Operation Greif (TV episode) - Sergeant Henning
1964 The Killers - Earl Sylvester
1964 A Distant Trumpet - Seely Jones
1964 The Fugitive: Never Stop Running (TV episode) - Ralph Simmons
1964 Destry: The Solid Gold Girl (TV episode) - Deputy Sheriff Rafe Collins
1964 Rawhide: Incident of the Rusty Shotgun (TV episode) - Aloysius Claybank
1963 The Great Adventure: The Massacre at Wounded Knee (TV episode) - Father Kranz
1963 The Great Adventure: The Death of Sitting Bull (TV episode) - Father Kranz
1963 Laramie: Trapped (TV episode) - Britt Walker
1963 Empire: 65 Miles Is a Long, Long Way (TV episode) - Joe Horvath
1963 The Dakotas: The Chooser of the Slain (TV episode) - Tom Doucette
1963 The Dick Powell Theatre: Epilogue (TV episode) - Police Lieutenant
1963 The Untouchables: The Spoiler (TV episode) - Vince Majesky
1963 Alcoa Premiere: The Hat of Sergeant Martin (TV episode) - Captain Michael 'Gunner' Lujack
1962 Rawhide: Incident at Quivira (TV episode) - Sergeant Parker
1962 Gunsmoke: The Way It Is (TV episode) - Ad
1962 The Virginian: West (TV episode) - Lump
1962 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: Day of Reckoning (TV episode) - Sheriff Jordan
1962 Rawhide: Incident of the Four Horsemen (TV episode) - Gus Marsdon
1962 The Wide Country: Straightjacket for an Indian (TV episode) - Bullriver
1962 Bonanza: The Deserter (TV episode) - Col. Edward J. Dunwoody
1962 Empire: Ride to a Fall (TV episode) - Joe Horvath
1962 Hawaiian Eye: There'll Be Some Changes Made (TV episode) - Actor
1962 Laramie: Among the Missing (TV episode) - Sheriff Tyler Shaw
1962 Black Gold - Chick Carrington
1962 The Untouchables: The Monkey Wrench (TV episode) - Karl Hansa
1962 Twilight Zone: The Little People (TV episode) - Cmdr. William Fletcher
1962 Outlaws: Charge aka Outpost (TV episode) - Ben Thompson
1962 Merrill's Marauders - Sgt. Kolowicz
1962 Gunsmoke: He Learned About Women (TV episode) - Solis
1962 Bus Stop: The Stubborn Stumbos (TV episode) - Harry Stumbo
1962 Frontier Circus: The Balloon Girl (TV episode) - Powcheek
1961 The Roaring 20's: So's Your Old Man (TV episode) - Mitch Mitchell
1961 Surfside 6: A Matter of Seconds (TV episode) - Harry Lodge
1961 Wagon Train: The Selena Hartnell Story (TV episode) - Will Cotrell
1961 Tales of Wells Fargo: The Dodger (TV episode) - Rake
1961 Rawhide: The Sendoff (TV episode) - Karse
1961 Route 66: Blue Murder (TV episode) - Cam Bludge
1961 Claudelle Inglish - S.T. Crawford
1961 The Deputy: Lorinda Belle (TV episode) - Jason Getty
1961 Bonanza: Sam Hill (TV episode) - Sam Hill
1961 Zane Grey Theater: Jericho (TV episode) - Chuck Wagner
1961 Rawhide: Incident of the Lost Idol (TV episode) - Clete Manson
1961 Shirley Temple Theatre: The Peg-leg Pirate of Sulu (TV episode) - Peg-leg the Pirate
1961 Tales of Wells Fargo: The Hand That Shook the Hand (TV episode) - John L. Sullivan
1961 The Roaring 20's: Dance Marathon (TV episode) - Capt. Maples
1960 Wagon Train: The Roger Bigelow Story (TV episode) - Wes Varney
1960 Riverboat: Duel on the River (TV episode) - Beaudry Rawlins
1960 Surfside 6: The International Net (TV episode) - Mike Hogan
1960 Dan Raven: Amateur Night (TV episode) - Sarge
1960 Klondike: Swoger's Mule (TV episode) - John Conrad
1960 Zane Grey Theater: Ransom (TV episode) - Simmy, the Comanchero
1960 The Tall Man: Night Train to Tularosa (TV episode) - Dan Rees
1960 The Rifleman: Strange Town (TV episode) - Bletch Droshek
1960 The Rebel: The Waiting (TV episode) - Tom Hall
1960 Bonanza: The Mill (TV episode) - Ezekiel
1960 Death Valley Days: Splinter Station (TV episode) - Caleb
1960 Laramie: Queen of Diamonds (TV episode) - Jim Dark
1960 Inherit the Wind - Rev. Jeremiah Brown
1960 The Rifleman: Meeting at Midnight (TV episode) - Tom Benton
1960 The Alaskans: The Silent Land (TV episode) - Constable Watts
1960 Wanted: Dead or Alive: Prison Trail (TV episode) - Jack Kelly
1960 The Alaskans: Kangaroo Court (TV episode) - Constable Watts (uncredited)
1960 Overland Trail: Fire in the Hole (TV episode) - Jumbo
1960 Comanche Station - Ben Lane
1960 Adventures in Paradise: The Amazon (TV episode) - Sam Kayle
1960 Pony Express: The Story of Julesberg (TV episode) - Actor
1960 Twilight Zone: The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street (TV episode) - Steve Brand
1960 Law of the Plainsman: A Question of Courage (TV episode) - Sheriff Clifford Shaw
1960 The Untouchables: The Unhired Assassin: Part 1 (TV episode) - Jake 'Dodo' Ryan
1960 Bonanza: Desert Justice (TV episode) - Marshal Emmett Dowd
1960 Laramie: Death Wind (TV episode) - Sgt. Maj. Tom Cole
1960 Rawhide: Incident of the Druid Curse (TV episode) - Jim Lark
1959 The Texan: Border Incident (TV episode) - Actor
1959 Hound-Dog Man - Hog Peyson
1959 Yellowstone Kelly - Sergeant
1959 Riverboat: Escape to Memphis (TV episode) - Jarret Sutton
1959 The Texan: Cattle Drive (TV episode) - Actor
1959 Don't Give Up the Ship - Lt. Cmdr. Farber
1959 Porgy and Bess - Detective
1959 Bat Masterson: The Death of Bat Masterson (TV episode) - Jack Fontana
1959 The Loretta Young Show: Trouble in Fenton Valley (TV episode) - Carl Hodges
1959 The Loretta Young Show: Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 2 (TV episode) - Robert Wilson
1959 The Loretta Young Show: Mr. Wilson's Wife: Part 1 (TV episode) - Robert Wilson
1959 Steve Canyon: The Sergeant (TV episode) - Sgt. Brecker
1959 Yancy Derringer: Collector's Item (TV episode) - Toby Cook
1959 Rio Bravo - Joe Burdette
1959 The Restless Gun: Melany (TV episode) - Matt Pierce
1959 77 Sunset Strip: Lovely Alibi (TV episode) - Ed Bird
1959 The Loretta Young Show: Sister Ann (TV episode) - Matt Malone
1958 G.E. True Theater: The Last Rodeo (TV episode) - Dave Blackby
1958 The Rifleman: The Safe Guard (TV episode) - Floyd Doniger
1958 Tales of Wells Fargo: The Most Dangerous Man Alive (TV episode) - John Leslie Nagel
1958 Northwest Passage: The Bound Women (TV episode) - Calib Brandt
1958 Yancy Derringer: Gallatin Street (TV episode) - Toby Cook
1958 Onionhead - Poznicki
1958 Bronco: The Besieged (TV episode) - Dirk Baggot
1958 The Defiant Ones - Mack
1958 Wagon Train: The Monty Britton Story (TV episode) - Garth Redmon
1958 Schlitz Playhouse: Way of the West (TV episode) - Gus Garner
1958 Cheyenne: The Long Search (TV episode) - Sheriff Bob Walters
1958 Richard Diamond, Private Detective: Another Man's Poison (TV episode) - Kenny Lambert
1958 Maverick: Burial Ground of the Gods (TV episode) - Paisley Briggs
1958 Perry Mason: The Case of the Half-Wakened Wife (TV episode) - Det. Sgt. Phillip Dix
1958 The Adventures of Jim Bowie: A Grave for Jim Bowie (TV episode) - Miciah 'Big' Hart
1958 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre: Prime Suspect (TV episode) - Actor
1958 Gunsmoke: The Cabin (TV episode) - Hack
1958 Tales of Wells Fargo: The Walking Mountain (TV episode) - Jefferson
1958 The Lineup: The Willard Peabody Case (TV episode) - Actor
1958 Zane Grey Theater: Man Unforgiving (TV episode) - Sheriff Adam Prescott
1957 The Restless Gun: The Gold Buckle (TV episode) - Lex Springer
1957 State Trooper: The Gandy Dancers of Steptoe Valley (TV episode) - Janskey
1957 The Restless Gun: Thicker Than Water (TV episode) - Rare Marlow
1957 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Reward to Finder (TV episode) - Cop
1957 Boots and Saddles: The Paymaster (TV episode) - Actor
1957 The Adventures of McGraw: Mojave (TV episode) - Jim Bennett
1957 Wagon Train: The John Cameron Story (TV episode) - Rich Tacker
1957 Joe Dakota - Aaron Grant
1957 The Restless Gun: Trail to Sunset (TV episode) - Wes Flager
1957 Have Gun - Will Travel: The Great Mojave Chase (TV episode) - Dever
1957 Code 3: Suspect Number One (TV episode) - Dred Emmis
1957 The Lonely Man - Blackburn (as Claude A. Akins)
1957 Whirlybirds: The Black Pearl (TV episode) - Roger
1957 Sheriff of Cochise: Manhunt (TV episode) - Harry Clegg
1957 Tales of Wells Fargo: The Lynching (TV episode) - Ralph
1957 The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm - Pete Logan
1957 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre: The Wildcatter (TV episode) - Actor
1957 Hot Summer Night - Truck Driver
1957 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre: A Dangerous Thing (TV episode) - Joe Doby
1957 G.E. True Theater: The Doctors of Pawnee Kill (TV episode) - Duke Williams
1957 The 20th Century-Fox Hour: False Witness (TV episode) - Anton Budenieff
1957 Jane Wyman Presents The Fireside Theatre: Twenty Dollar Bride (TV episode) - Frank Hedley
1956 Zane Grey Theater: Courage Is a Gun (TV episode) - Walker Collins
1956 Gunsmoke: Greater Love (TV episode) - Jed Butler
1956 The Sharkfighters - Chief 'Gordy' Gordon
1956 I Love Lucy: Desert Island (TV episode) - Large Native
1956 The Adventures of Jim Bowie: Land Jumpers (TV episode) - Manion, a Settler
1956 Crusader: The Healer (TV episode) - Glenn
1956 The Burning Hills - Ben Hindeman, Sutton's Foreman
1956 Johnny Concho - Lem
1956 The Proud and Profane - Big Soldier (uncredited)
1956 My Friend Flicka: Lock, Stock and Barrel (TV episode) - August Hoskins
1956 Studio 57: A Tombstone for Taro (TV episode) - Al
1956 Adventures of Superman: Peril by Sea (TV episode) - Ace Miller
1956 Battle Stations - Marty Brennan
1956 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Place of Shadows (TV episode) - Cop
1956 Star Stage: Killer on Horseback (TV episode) - Henley, the Rodeo Clown
1956 State Trooper: Rodeo Rough House (TV episode) - The Rodeo Clown
1956 Frontier: The 10 Days of John Leslie (TV episode) - Bud
1956 Crusader: The Sharks (TV episode) - Swain
1955 You Are There: The Chicago Fire (October 8-9, 1871) (TV episode) - Fireman
1955 My Friend Flicka: The Little Secret (TV episode) - Keenak
1955 My Friend Flicka: Rogue Stallion (TV episode) - Matt Scott
1955 Big Town: Prison Riot (TV episode) - Actor
1955 Man with the Gun - Jim Reedy (uncredited)
1955 Studio 57: Vacation with Pay (TV episode) - Martin
1955 The Millionaire: The Ralph McKnight Story (TV episode) - Sgt. Mike Harden
1955 Gunsmoke: Word of Honor (TV episode) - Harry
1955 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse: Woman in the Mine (TV episode) - Pete Nemeck
1955 The Sea Chase - Winkler (as Claude Akin)
1955 Fireside Theatre: The 99th Day (TV episode) - John West
1955 TV Reader's Digest: France's Greatest Detective (TV episode) - Dupont
1955 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse: The Man Nobody Wanted (TV episode) - Saracki
1955 The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse: Stake My Life (TV episode) - Carl
1955 Treasury Men in Action: The Case of the Only Son (TV episode) - Actor
1955 Soldiers of Fortune: Cut Charlie In (TV episode) - Jonu
1955 The Man Behind the Badge: The Case of the Wholesale Burglaries (TV episode) - Frederick John 'Freddie' Webster
1955 TV Reader's Digest: The End of Blackbeard the Pirate (TV episode) - Casco
1955 The Man Behind the Badge: The Case of the Priceless Passport (TV episode) - Tony Peters
1954 City Detective: Too Many Grooms (TV episode) - Hardy
1954 The Lineup: The Finley Case (TV episode) - RoyGilman
1954 The Adventures of Hajji Baba - Chief Executioner's Aide (uncredited)
1954 The Human Jungle - George Mandy (henchman)
1954 Medic: Laughter Is a Boy (TV episode) - Dr. Vincente
1954 Down Three Dark Streets - Matty Pavelich
1954 Shield for Murder - Fat Michaels
1954 The Raid - Lt. Ramsey (uncredited)
1954 The Caine Mutiny - Horrible
1954 G.E. True Theater: Wild Luke's Boy (TV episode) - Steve Crawford
1954 Witness to Murder - Police Officer (uncredited)
1954 Dragnet: The Big Mattress (TV episode) - Sgt. Jack McCreadie
1954 Dragnet: The Big Drink (TV episode) - Ellis
1954 Bitter Creek - Henchman Vance Morgan
1954 Treasury Men in Action: The Case of the Careless Murder (TV episode) - Actor
1953 You Are There: The Capture of John Wilkes Booth (April 26, 1865) (TV episode) - Lewis Paine
1953 From Here to Eternity - Sgt. 'Baldy' Dhom (uncredited)