Doug Jones
2008-11 BSAlumnus


1960/05/24 Indianapolis

Hoosier home

Muncie - Ball State University


1987 - 2012

2010-01-22 - Signed to a photo book "Mime Very Own Book". Release Dec 2011. [1]

2013 - (02/01 LA) Unhallowed

2012 - Frankenstein, Bluegrass Run [Myspace], Untitled Dan Fogelman Project (TV Movie), (07/27) Neighborhood Watch, Rock Jocks, Dust of War, Innocence Blood, Skinny Dip

2011 - End of the Road

Official site

2010 - The Cure, Greyscale, The Candy Shop [Official site], Lights Out


10/12 release. Official site

Sudden Death

07/26 release. Official site

"Universal Dead"

05/15 release. Official site

Cyrus Legion

01/22 - 'Ice Cream Man' Official


01/20 release.

2009 - The Butterfly Circus

08/31 release.

My Name is Jerry

09/20 release. 10/19/2010 DVD release.

  1. Medallion Press

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