Drew Powell


1976/01/19 Noblesville

Hoosier home

Lebanon; Greencastle (DePauw University)


Official, Facebook

2011 (12/18) Leverage "The Guys' Night Out Job"
2011 Straw Dogs - Bic
2011 Memphis Beat: At the River (TV episode) - Clay Williams
2011 The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway (TV movie) - Bear
2011 Touchback - Dwight Pearson
2010 Camp Hell - Bob
2009 In Plain Sight: A Stand-Up Triple (TV episode) - Sandy/Sandor Kane
2009 Leverage: The 12-Step Job (TV episode) - Jack Hurley
2009 Psych: Any Given Friday Night at 10PM, 9PM Central (TV episode) - Football player
2009 The System (short) - Jimmy
2008 House M.D.: Adverse Events (TV episode) - Anthony
2008 ER: Truth Will Out (TV episode) - Dennis Voltaire
2007 Without a Trace: Run (TV episode) - Security Guard
2007 The Office: Local Ad (TV episode) - The Bartender
2007 1408 - Assistant Hotel Manager
2007 Mexican Sunrise - Tindol
2007 Cold Case: Stand Up and Holler (TV episode) - Casey Evans - 2007
2007 Fugly (TV movie) - Dale
2006 The Marine - Joe
2006 The Window (short) - The Detective
2006 Monk: Mr. Monk Can't See a Thing (TV episode) - Eddie Murdoch
2005 Over There: Situation Normal (TV episode) - Marine Recruiter
2004 Inside the Federation (video documentary short) - Himself
2004 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Bloodlines (TV episode) - Holding Cell Cop
2004 Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation (video) - Pvt. Kipper Tor
2001 V.I.P.: 21 Val Street (TV episode) - Jock
2001 Ponderosa: Pilot: Part 1 (TV episode) - Eric 'Hoss' Cartwright
2001 Malcolm in the Middle: Mini-Bike (TV episode) - Cadet Drew
2001 Popular: It's Greek to Me (TV episode) - Bouncer
2000 Malcolm in the Middle: Red Dress (TV episode) - Cadet Drew

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