Emmy (w)inners and (n)ominees

David Anspaugh

  • Hill Street Blues 1982(w), 1983(w)

Anne Baxter

  • The Name of the Game "The Bobby Currier Story" 1969(n)

Polly Bergen

  • Playhouse 90 "The Helen Morgan Story" 1958(w). The Winds of War 1983(n). War and Remembrance 1989(n). Desperate Housewifes "Stella Wingfield" 2008(n)

Beulah Bondi

  • The Waltons "The Pony Cart" 1977(w)

Betsy Borns

  • Friends 1996(n)

Dan Brumett

  • The Young and the Restless 1985(w), 1986(w), 1988(w), 1989(w), 1990(n), 1991(n), 1992(n), 1993(n), 1994(n), 1995(n), 1996(w), 1997(w), 1998(w), 1999(w), 2000(w)

Steve Burton

  • General Hospital 1997(n), 1998(w), 2000(n), 2005(n)

Terri Colombino

  • As the World Turns 2001(n), 2002(n)

Madelyn Davis

  • I Love Lucy 1955(n). 1956(n)

Herschel Daugherty

  • G. E. True Theater "The Road the Lead Afar" 1957(n). "One is a Wonderer" 1959(n)

Polly Draper

  • thirtysomething 1988(n)

Hugh Fink

  • Saturday Night Live 2002(w)

Will Geer

  • The Waltons 1973(n), 1974(n), 1975(w), 1976(n), 1977(n), 1978(n). The Love Boat "The Old Man and the Runaway" 1978(n). Eight is Enough "Yes, Nicholas...There is a Santa Claus" 1978(n)

Ron Glass

  • Barney Miller 1982(n)

Barry Glazer

  • New American Bandstand 1980(n), 1981(n), 1982(w), 1983(w), 1984(n), 1985(n), 1986(n), 1988(w). Live with Regis 2000(n). The Wayne Brady Show 2004(n). The Tony Danza Show 2005(n). Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2007(w), 2008(w)

Jean Hagen

  • Danny Thomas Show 1955(n). 1956(n)

Lloyd Haynes

  • Room 222 1970(n)

Dean Jagger

  • Mr. Novak 1964(n), 1965(n). This is the Life "Independence and 76" 1980

Carol Kunz

  • Star Trek: Voyager 2000(n), 2001(n). Pushing Daisies 2009(w)

Terry Lester

  • The Young and the Restless 1984(n), 1985(n), 1986(n), 1987(n)

David Letterman

  • The David Letterman Show 1981(w). Late Night with David Letterman 1984(w), 1985(w), 1986(w), 1987(w), 1988(n), 1989(n), 1990(n), 1991(n), 1992(n), 1993(n). The Late Show with David Letterman 1994(w), 1995(n), 1996(n), 1997(n), 1998(n), 1999(n), 2000(n), 2001(n), 2002(n), 2003(n), 2004(n), 2005(n), 2006(n), 2007(n), 2008(n), 2009(n). When Families Grieves 2010(n)

Shelley Long

  • Cheers 1983(w), 1984(n), 1985(n), 1986(n), "One for the Road" 1993(n). Frasier "The Show Where Diane Comes Back" 1996(n)

Karl Malden

  • The Streets of San Francisco 1974(n), 1975(n), 1976(n), 1977(n). Fatal Vision (TV Movie) 1985(w)

William D. Russell

  • You Are There "First Moscow Purge Trial" 1957(n). The Farmer's Daughter 1964(n). Family Affiar 1967(n)

Herb Shriner

  • Herb Shriner Show 1952(n - Best Comedy Show), 1952(n - Best Comedian). 1953(n)

Red Skelton

  • Red Skelton Show 1952(w - Best Comedy Show), 1952(w - Best Comedian), 1961(w - Writing in Comedy), 1962(n - Writing in Comedy), 1963(n - Writing in Comedy), Playhouse 90 "The Big Slide" 1957(n). Governor's Award 1986(w)

Gary Tomlin

  • Another World 1985(n). Santa Barbara 1988(n), 1989(w), 1990(n). One Life to Live 1995(n), 2002(w), 2009(n). All My Children 1996(n), 1997(n). Passions 2001(n). Days of Our Lives 2009(n)

Michael Warren

  • Hill Street Blues 1982(n)

Matt Williams

  • The Cosby Show 1986(n), 1987(n). Home Improvement 1992(n), 1993(n), 1994(n)

Dick York

  • Bewitched 1968(n)