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BALTIMORE, March 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- RLTV, the only cable network that provides consumers with information and entertainment to help Redefine Life after 50, announced today that Florence Henderson, TV icon and co-host of RLTV's Good Food, Good Deeds, has been named one of television's top female hosts by the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation. Henderson will be presented with the national award for Outstanding Host in the Entertainment/Information category at the 37th Annual Gracie Awards® Gala in May.


01/19/2011 - Center Street announced Wednesday that the currently untitled memoir is scheduled for September 2011. Center Street is a division of the Hachette Book Group. (AP)



The Christmas BunnyEdit

thumb|250px|right11/26 Release (festivals) Lantern Lane
  • Playing the lead in Tom Siedman's "The Bunny Lady" filming in Michigan Feb 24th, 2010. "According to Seidman, Henderson will play a "crotchety old farm woman" who runs a rabbit rescue. She befriends and mentors a girl, fostered by a neighboring family, after the youngster finds a lost bunny."[1]
[2010/11/09 - Cascade girl, 10, makes movie debut with local showing of 'The Christmas Bunny'
2010/12/29 - Critter Barn brings screening of ‘The Christmas Bunny’ to town]

Venus & VegasEdit

November release.



"Weird" Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise

1934 (02/14) Born in DALE, IN.
1937 Move to ROCKPORT, IN.
1951 Grad St. Francis Academy (Owensboro, KY).
1952 06/25 - "Wish You Were Here" (1st Broadway role). 08 - "Oklahoma!" [tour].
1954 "Fanny" (1st starring Broadway role).
The Ed Sullivan Show 'Off-stage singer' (1st TV exposure).
1956 01/09 - Wed Ira Bernstein.
- Born Barbara (daughter).
(1957-62) The Tonight Show 'guest-host' [1st female guest-host].

(11/20) U.S. Steel Hour "Huck Finn".

1958 Little Women. (06/04) U.S. Steel Hour "A Family Alliance". (1958-62) The Tonight Show. (1958) Sing Along.
1959 Oldsmobile Music Theatre. (1959-60) Today.
1961 "The Sound of Music" [tour].
1963 Born Robert (son). "The Girl Who Came to Supper".
1964 The Bell Telephone Hour.
1966 Born Elizabeth [Lizzie] (daughter).
1967 "South Pacific" [Lincoln Center].

The Brady Bunch

All 25 episodes from the debut season--including "The Honeymoon," "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore," "To Move or Not to Move," "The Grass Is Always Greener," and "Lost Locket, Found Locket"


Song of Norway.

The Brady Bunch

All 24 episodes from season two--including "The Dropout," "The Not-So-Ugly Duckling," "Confessions, Confessions," "Will the Real Jan Brady Please Stand Up?," and "Our Son, The Man"

1971 The Brady Bunch

All 23 episodes from season three--including "Ghost Town, U.S.A.," "The Personality Kid," "Getting Davy Jones," "Dough Re Mi," "The Big Bet," and "The Fender Benders"

1972 The Brady Bunch

All 23 episodes from season four--including "Hawaii Bound," "Jan, The Only Child," "Amateur Night," "The Subject Was Noses," and "A Room at the Top"

1974 "Annie, Get Your Gun" [tour].
1976 The Love Boat 'Guest'.
1977 The Brady Bunch Variety Hour

In 1977 the "Brady Bunch" cast (minus Eve Plumb, replaced by a doppelganger Jan) reunited for a short-lived variety series complete with songs and dances, comedy skits, swimming showgirls and such guest stars as Donny and Marie Osmond, Vincent Price, Tony Randall and Rip Taylor.

1980 Nashville Now.
1981 The Brady Girls Get Married. The Brady Brides.
1985 (1985-93) Country Kitchen. Divorced.
  • (09/28, 10/05) Murder, She Wrote "Death Stalks the Big Top" [Flo plays a rich mother of wife of circus manager. She wants her son-in-law to quit and get a better job.].
1987 08 - Weds Dr. John Kappas. Just A Regular Kid: An AIDS Story.
1988 A Very Brady Christmas.
1989 Day by Day "In Brady Dimension" 'Carol Brady'.
1990 The Bradys.
1992 Shake the Clown.
1993 (11/22) Dave's World 'Dave's mother-in-law'. Bradymania: A Very Brady Special.
1994 Naked Gun 33 1/3.
1995 The Brady Bunch Movie. Fudge-A-Mania.
1996 Walk of Fame star. Weird Al' Yankovic: (There's No) Going Home. Weird Al' Yankovic: the Videos "Amish Paradis".
1997 May Yahoo! Internet Life
1998 Florence Henderson's Short-Cut Cooking. Hercules 'Demeter'. (April) Got Milk ad.
1999 (10/02) Holy Man. Get Bruce. (1999-08/11/2000) Later Today.
2000 (07/04) 4th of July Spactacular 'Host'. (07/05) Larry King Live 'Guest-host'. (10/06) Ally McBeal 'Guest'. (10/20) The King of Queens 'Guest'.
2001 (May) Biography "Florence Henderson: Here's Her Story". (09/24) The Weakest Link. Star on CD-ROM game "Blast from the Past" by TV Land.
2003 (March) Indianapolis Prime Times.