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James Best


1926/07/26 Powderly, KY

Hoosier home



1950 - 2012


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2007 Moondance Alexander - Buck McClancy
2006 Once Not Far from Home (short) - The Doctor
2006 Hot Tamale - Hank Larson
2006 CMT Insider: Special Edition: The Dukes of Hazzard (TV episode) - Himself
2005 After They Were Famous: Crime-fighters (TV episode) - Himself
2005 Inside Fame: Dukes of Hazzard (TV episode) - Himself
2004 The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee (video game) - Sheriff Rosco. P. Coltrane (voice)
2004 House of Forever (short) - William Clancy
2004 The 20th Anniversary Hazzard County BBQ (video documentary short) - Himself
2002 TV Road Trip (TV documentary) - Himself (The Dukes of Hazzard)
2000 The Dukes of Hazzard: Hazzard in Hollywood (TV movie) - Rosco P. Coltrane
1999 The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for Home (video game) - Rosco (voice)
1998 Death Mask - Wilbur Johnson, Writer (writer)
1998 Finders Keepers (short) - John Massey
1997 Raney - Uncle Nate
1997 The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! (TV movie) - Boss/Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane
1991 In the Heat of the Night: Sweet, Sweet Blues (TV episode) - Nathan Bedford
1990 B.L. Stryker: Night Train (TV episode) - Actor
1983 The Dukes: A Dickens of a Christmas (TV episode) - Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (voice)
1983 The Dukes of Hazzard: Too Many Roscos (TV episode) - Sheriff Rosco Coltrane
The Dukes Cartoon - Opening Credits03:20

The Dukes Cartoon - Opening Credits

The Dukes: Put Up Your Dukes (TV episode) - Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (voice)
1982 Family Feud: Heroes vs. Villains 2 (TV episode) - Himself
1982 Family Feud: Heroes vs. Villains 3 (TV episode) - Himself
1981 The Midnight Special: Episode #9.23 (TV episode) - Himself
1980 Enos: Horse Cops (TV episode) - Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane
1979 How the West Was Won: Luke (TV episode) - Sheriff Gruner
1979 Centennial: The Scream of Eagles (TV episode) - Hank Garvey
1979 The Dukes of Hazzard: Daisy's Song (TV episode) - Sheriff Rosco Coltrane
1979 The Dukes of Hazzard: One Armed Bandits (TV episode) - Sheriff Rosco Coltrane
1978 Hooper - Cully
1978 The End - Pacemaker Patient, Director (uncredited), associate producer
1977 Rolling Thunder - Texan
1977 McLaren's Riders (TV movie) - Lamarr Skinner
1977 The Brain Machine - Rev. Emory Neill
1976 Nickelodeon - Jim
1976 The Savage Bees (TV movie) - Deputy Mayor Pelligrino
1976 Gator - Actor (unconfirmed), Director (uncredited), assistant to producer
1976 Ode to Billy Joe - Dewey Barksdale
1975 The Runaway Barge (TV movie) - Bingo Washington
1974 Savages (TV movie) - Sheriff Bert Hamilton
1973 Hawkins: Blood Feud (TV episode) - Actor
1972 Sounder - Sheriff Young
1970 Run, Simon, Run (TV movie) - Henry Burroughs
1970 Dan August: In the Eyes of God (TV episode) - Wiley
1970 Lancer: Goodbye, Lizzie (TV episode) - Clayt
1969 Gunsmoke: Charlie Noon (TV episode) - Charlie Noon
1969 The Guns of Will Sonnett: Robber's Roost (TV episode) - Harley Bass
1968 Felony Squad: The Distant Shore (TV episode) - George 'Lucky' Collins
1968 The Mod Squad: The Price of Terror (TV episode) - Frank Lynch
1968 I Spy: Suitable for Framing (TV episode) - The Doctor
1968 Bonanza: The Price of Salt (TV episode) - Sheriff Vern Schaler
1968 Firecreek - Drew
1967 The Guns of Will Sonnett: Meeting at Devil's Fork (TV episode) - Rake Hanley
1967 First to Fight - Sgt. Carnavan
1966 Hawk: Blind Man's Bluff (TV episode) - Emile
1966 I Spy: Lisa (TV episode) - Sam
1966 The Green Hornet: Deadline for Death (TV episode) - Yale Barton
1966 Felony Squad: Flame Out (TV episode) - Arnold Wyatt
1966 The Iron Horse: High Devil (TV episode) - Chico
1966 Perry Mason: The Case of the Unwelcome Well (TV episode) - Allan Winford
1966 Three on a Couch - Dr. Ben Mizer
1965 The Virginian: Letter of the Law (TV episode) - Curt Westley
1965 Honey West: A Matter of Wife and Death (TV episode) - Vince Zale
1965 Amos Burke, Secret Agent: Steam Heat (TV episode) - Tucson, 'The Cowboy'
1965 Shenandoah - Carter, Rebel Soldier
1965 Black Spurs - Sheriff Elkins
1965 Flipper: The Call of the Dolphin (TV episode) - Dr. Peter Kellwin
1965 Ben Casey: A Little Fun to Match the Sorrow (TV episode) - Dr. Joe Sullivan
1965 Daniel Boone: The Devil's Four (TV episode) - Jethroe Wyatt
1964 Death Valley Days: Hero of Fort Halleck (TV episode) - Jim Campbell
1964 The Quick Gun - Sheriff Scotty Wade
1964 Rawhide: Incident of El Toro (TV episode) - Actor
1964 Destry: Go Away, Little Sheba (TV episode) - Curly Beamer
1964 The Alfred Hitchcock Hour: The Jar (TV episode) - Tom Carmody
1964 Combat!: Mail Call (TV episode) - Trenton
1964 Death Valley Days: Sixty-Seven Miles of Gold (TV episode) - Jimmy Burns
1964 Gunsmoke: The Glory and the Mud (TV episode) - Sam Beal
1963 The Fugitive: Terror at High Point (TV episode) - Dan
1963 Bonanza: The Legacy (TV episode) - Page
1963 Rawhide: Incident of the Rawhiders (TV episode) - Brock Quade
1963 Ben Casey: Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast (TV episode) - Simon Waller
1963 Redigo: Little Angel Blue Eyes (TV episode) - Les Fay
1963 Temple Houston (TV series) - Gotch
1963 Shock Corridor - Stuart
1963 Gunsmoke: With a Smile (TV episode) - Dal Creed
1963 Perry Mason: The Case of the Surplus Suitor (TV episode) - Martin Potter
1963 The Gallant Men: The Warriors (TV episode) - Pvt. Hook
1963 Twilight Zone: Jess-Belle (TV episode) - Billy-Ben Turner
1963 Rawhide: Incident at Spider Rock (TV episode) - Willie Cain
1963 G.E. True: Open Season (TV episode) - Ernie Swift
1962 Cheyenne: Sweet Sam (TV episode) - Actor
1962 Hawaiian Eye: Day in the Sun (TV episode) - Johnny Olin
1962 Cheyenne: Satonka (TV episode) - Ernie Riggins
1962 Death Valley Days: The $275,000 Sack of Flour (TV episode) - Ruel Gridley
1962 Black Gold - Jericho Larkin
1962 Bronco: Then the Mountains (TV episode) - Banton
1962 The Rifleman: The Day a Town Slept (TV episode) - Bob Barrett
1962 77 Sunset Strip: The Long Shot Caper (TV episode) - Babe Mackie
1962 Twilight Zone: The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank (TV episode) - Jeff Myrtlebank
1962 Laramie: The Runaway (TV episode) - Johnny Best
1961 Twilight Zone: The Grave (TV episode) - Johnny Rob
1961 Surfside 6: One for the Road (TV episode) - Ernie Jordan
1961 Whispering Smith: The Hemp Reeger Case (TV episode) - Hemp Reeger
1961 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Make My Death Bed (TV episode) - Bish Darby
1961 The Andy Griffith Show: The Guitar Player Returns (TV episode) - Jim Lindsey
1961 Stagecoach West: The Dead Don't Cry (TV episode) - Mike Pardee
1961 The Barbara Stanwyck Show: The Choice (TV episode) - Joe
1961 Michael Shayne: Strike Out (TV episode) - Danny
1961 Stagecoach West: The Arsonist (TV episode) - Jack Craig
1961 Bonanza: The Fugitive (TV episode) - Carl Reagan
1961 Have Gun - Will Travel: A Quiet Night in Town: Part 2 (TV episode) - Roy Smith
1961 Have Gun - Will Travel: A Quiet Night in Town: Part 1 (TV episode) - Roy Smith
1960 Bat Masterson: Dakota Showdown (TV episode) - Danny Dakota
1960 The DuPont Show with June Allyson: Love on Credit (TV episode) - Jovan Wilanskov
1960 Wagon Train: The Cathy Eckhardt Story (TV episode) - Whitey
1960 The Rebel: Deathwatch (TV episode) - Waares
1960 Lock Up: The Beau and Arrow Case (TV episode) - Roy Duggan
1960 The Andy Griffith Show: The Guitar Player (TV episode) - Jim Lindsey
1960 Stagecoach West: High Lonesome (TV episode) - Les Hardeen
1960 The Mountain Road - Niergaard
1960 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Cell 227 (TV episode) - Hennessy (as James K. Best)
1960 The Rebel: Night on a Rainbow (TV episode) - Ted Evans
1960 Overland Trail: Escort Detail (TV episode) - Frank Cullen
1960 Men Into Space: Beyond the Stars (TV episode) - Lt. John Leonard
1960 Markham: The Sitting Duck (TV episode) - Don Lennard
1960 The Texan: Killer's Road (TV episode) - Clay Kirby
1960 G.E. True Theater: Aftermath (TV episode) - Hardy Coulter
1960 Pony Express: The Story of Julesberg (TV episode) - Bart Gentry
1960 Wagon Train: The Clayton Tucker Story (TV episode) - Art Bernard
1960 Laramie: Company Man (TV episode) - Ben Leach
1960 Wagon Train: The Colonel Harris Story (TV episode) - Bowman Lewis
1960 Aftermath (TV movie) - Hardy Couter
1959 Startime: Cindy's Fella (TV episode) - Duke
1959 The Lineup: Lonesome as Midnight (TV episode) - Rhodes
1959 Laramie: The Lawbreakers (TV episode) - Dallas
1959 The Man and the Challenge: Maximum Capacity (TV episode) - David Mallory
1959 Cast a Long Shadow - Sam Mullen
1959 The David Niven Show: Good Deed (TV episode) - Frank Simms
1959 The Killer Shrews - Thorne Sherman
1959 The David Niven Show: Portrait (TV episode) - Private Boland
1959 Wagon Train: The Andrew Hale Story (TV episode) - Garth English
1959 Black Saddle: Client: Nelson (TV episode) - Ben Travers


Verboten! - Sgt. David Brent
1959 Ride Lonesome - Billy John * Starring: Randolph Scott. Director: Budd Boetticher
1959 Rescue 8: Trail by Fire (TV episode) - Chad Curran
1959 Wanted: Dead or Alive: Six-Up to Bannach (TV episode) - Luke Perry
1959 Good Deed (TV movie) - Frank Simms
1958 Behind Closed Doors: The Enemy on the Flank (TV episode) - Webb
1958 Wanted: Dead or Alive: Sheriff of Red Rock (TV episode) - Stoner
1958 Trackdown: Sunday's Child (TV episode) - Joe Sunday
1958 Bat Masterson: Stampede at Tent City (TV episode) - Joe Best
1958 The Restless Gun: Jebediah Bonner (TV episode) - Jim Kenyon
1958 The Millionaire: The Fred Morgan Story (TV episode) - Fred Morgan
1958 The Naked and the Dead - Rhidges
1958 Target: Assassin (TV episode) - Actor
1958 The Left Handed Gun - Tom Folliard
1958 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Death Sentence (TV episode) - Norman Frayne
1958 Trackdown: The Mistake (TV episode) - Bob Ahler
1958 Cole Younger, Gunfighter - Kit Caswell
1958 Tombstone Territory: Guilt of a Town (TV episode) - Matt Porter
1958 Climax!: The Secret Love of Johnny Spain (TV episode) - Shag
1958 Schlitz Playhouse: Guys Like O'Malley (TV episode) - Actor
1957 Man on the Prowl - Doug Gerhardt
1957 Code 3: Death in an Alley (TV episode) - Arkansas Trueblood
1957 Have Gun - Will Travel: The Long Night (TV episode) - Andy Fisher
1957 Trackdown: The Marple Brothers (TV episode) - Rand Marple
1957 Richard Diamond, Private Detective: Merry-Go-Round Case (TV episode) - Jack Milhoan
1957 West Point: Dragoon Patrol (TV episode) - William Purdom
1957 The People's Choice: One-Ring Circus (TV episode) - Mr. Hunnicut
1957 Hot Summer Night - Kermit
1957 Last of the Badmen - Ted Hamilton
1957 Sheriff of Cochise: Lynching Party (TV episode) - Mike Norris
1957 Zane Grey Theater: Three Graves (TV episode) - Pyke Dillon
1956 Cavalcade of America: Woman's Work (TV episode) - Slate Morley
1956 The Rack - Millard Chilson Cassidy
1956 Calling Homicide - Det. Arnie Arnhoff
1956 Telephone Time: The Gingerbread Man (TV episode) - American Soldier
1956 Frontier: Out from Texas (TV episode) - Jason Cartwright (as Jim Best)
1956 Gaby - Jim
1956 Crossroads: The White Carnation (TV episode) - Actor
1956 Crossroads: Anatole of the Bayous (TV episode) - Actor
1956 Forbidden Planet - Crewman (uncredited)
1956 When Gangland Strikes - Jerry Ames (uncredited)
1956 Come Next Spring - Bill Jackson
1956 The Adventures of Champion: Andrew and the Deadly Double (TV episode) - Mace Kincaid
1956 Frontier: The Texicans (TV episode) - Ben Reed
1956 Red Ryder: Gun Trouble Valley (TV episode) - Perry Cochran
1955 The Adventures of Champion: The Stone Heart (TV episode) - Paul Kenyon
1955 Cavalcade of America: Crisis in Paris (TV episode) - Actor
1955 Cavalcade of America: One Day at a Time (TV episode) - Harry
1955 The Lone Ranger: Framed for Murder (TV episode) - Jim Blake (as Jimmy Best)
1955 The Lineup: The Casino Case (TV episode) - Jim Kasino
1955 Top of the World - Major French's Orderly (uncredited)
1955 The Eternal Sea - Student (unconfirmed)
1955 A Man Called Peter - Man with Jane at Youth Rally (uncredited)
1955 Seven Angry Men - Jason Brown
1955 Buffalo Bill, Jr.: The Death of Johnny Ringo (TV episode) - Telegrapher Larry (as Jimmy Best)
1955 The Lineup: San Francisco Playboy (TV episode) - Actor
1955 Death Valley Days: Million Dollar Wedding (TV episode) - Tiny Stoker
1955 The Adventures of Kit Carson: The Phantom Uprising (TV episode) - Actor
1954 The Adventures of Kit Carson: Frontier Empire (TV episode) - Henry Jordan
1954 The Gene Autry Show: Hoodoo Canyon (TV episode) - Ray Saunders
1954 The Raid - Lt. Robinson
1954 Return from the Sea - Barr
1954 The Gene Autry Show: Holdup (TV episode) - Bank Teller
1954 Annie Oakley: Annie and the Outlaw's Son (TV episode) - Jess Dugan
1954 Annie Oakley: Outlaw Mesa (TV episode) - Scott Warren
1954 The Caine Mutiny - Lt. JG Jorgensen (uncredited)
1954 Stories of the Century: Little Britches (TV episode) - Dave Ridley
1954 The Yellow Tomahawk - Private Bliss
1954 They Rode West - Lt. Finlay (uncredited)
1954 Hopalong Cassidy: Silent Testimony (TV episode) - Rick Ashton
1954 Riders to the Stars - Sidney K. Fuller (as James K. Best)
1953 Hallmark Hall of Fame: McCoy of Abilene (TV episode) - Actor
1953 City of Bad Men - Gig (uncredited)
1953 The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms - Charlie - Radar man (uncredited)
1953 The President's Lady - Samuel Donaldson (uncredited)
1953 Column South - Primrose
1953 Cavalcade of America: Night Strike (TV episode) - Actor
1953 Seminole - Cpl. Gerard
1953 Skip Taylor (TV movie) - Actor
1952 Flat Top - Radio Operator (uncredited)
1952 Francis Goes to West Point - Cpl. Ransom
1952 Ma and Pa Kettle at the Fair - Marvin Johnson
1952 Steel Town - Joe Rakich
1952 The Battle at Apache Pass - Cpl. Hassett
1952 About Face - Hal's Roommate (unconfirmed)
1952 The Cimarron Kid - Bitter Creek Dalton
1951 Apache Drums - Bert Keon
1951 Air Cadet - Jerry Connell
1951 Target Unknown - Sgt. Ralph Phelps
1950 Kansas Raiders - Cole Younger
1950 Winchester '73 - Crater
1950 Peggy - Frank Addison
1950 I Was a Shoplifter - Police Broadcaster in Surveillance Plane (uncredited)
1950 Comanche Territory - Sam
1950 One Way Street - Driver (uncredited)

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