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1978 Legend of the Northwest - Actor
1972 Questions - Actor
1970 Patton - Sgt. William George Meeks
1969 Mannix: The Sound of Darkness (TV episode) - Jerry
1969 Anatomy of a Crime (TV movie) - Lt Wager
1968 The Outsider: Tell It Like It Is... and You're Dead (TV episode) - Lt Wager
1968 The Men from Shiloh: The Mustangers (TV episode) - Ben Harper
1968 The Outcasts: My Name Is Jemal (TV episode) - Taggert
1968 Coogan's Bluff - Sgt. Wallace, Stakeout Cop
1968 The Young Runaways - Sergeant Joe Collyer
1968 Cowboy in Africa: A Man of Value (TV episode) - Shendi Suakin
1966 Amos Burke, Secret Agent: Terror in a Tiny Town: Part 1-2 (TV episode) - John Norton
1965 Dr. Kildare: Hour of Decision (TV episode) - Dr. Lench
1965 Dr. Kildare: Wives and Losers (TV episode) - Dr. Lench
1965 Dr. Kildare: The Life Machine (TV episode) - Dr. Lench
1965 The Sandpiper - Larry Brant
1964 Death Valley Days: The Other White Man (TV episode) - Scipio Gaines
1964 The DuPont Show of the Week: Ambassador at Large (TV episode) - Vaughn
1964 The Doctors and the Nurses: The Roamer (TV episode) - Hudson
1964 The Eleventh Hour: Who Chopped Down the Cherry Tree? (TV episode) - Ettinger
1963 East Side/West Side: Where's Harry (TV episode) - Mr. Jackson
1963 The Fugitive: Decision in the Ring (TV episode) - Joe Smith
1963 Going My Way: Run, Robin, Run (TV episode) - Sgt. Fred Wilson
1963 The Joey Bishop Show: Double Time (TV episode) - Guard #1
1962 The Manchurian Candidate - Cpl. Allen Melvin
1962 The Lloyd Bridges Show: Testing Ground (TV episode) - Actor
1960 Peter Gunn: Sing a Song of Murder (TV episode) - Arnie Kelton
1960 The Wonderful World of Disney: Texas John Slaughter: Geronimo's Revenge (TV episode) - Batt
1960 The Wonderful World of Disney: Texas John Slaughter: Kentucky Gunslick (TV episode) - Batt
1960 The Wonderful World of Disney: Texas John Slaughter: Apache Friendship (TV episode) - Batt
1959 Blood and Steel - George
1959 Zane Grey Theater: Mission (TV episode) - Sergeant Morgan
1959 Pork Chop Hill - Cpl. Jurgens
1959 The Color of Her Skin - Asa Tully
1959 Anna Lucasta - Eddie
1958 Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse: Silent Thunder (TV episode) - Actor
1958 Tarzan's Fight for Life - Futa
1958 Fraulein - Cpl. S. Hanks
1958 Climax Mystery Theater: Volcano Seat, the #1 (TV episode) - James Sullivan
1957 This Is Your Life: Frank Lovejoy (TV episode) - Himself
1957 Men in War - Sgt. Killian
1957 Battle Hymn - Lt. Maples
1956 The Killing - Track Parking Attendant
1956 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Big Switch (TV episode) - Ed
1955 Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Breakdown (TV episode) - Convict Imdb/Hulu
1955 Cavalcade of America: Toward Tomorrow (TV episode) - Ralph Bunche
1955 Navy Log: Hiya Pam (TV episode) - Ensign Jesse Brown
1955 The Phenix City Story - Zeke Ward
1955 TV Reader's Digest: Mr. Pak Takes Over (TV episode) - Actor
1955 Seven Angry Men - Green
1955 G.E. True Theater: D.P. (TV episode) - Sergeant Davis
1955 African Manhunt - Native Guide
1954 Fireside Theatre: The Reign of Amelika Joe (TV episode) - Actor
1954 The Caine Mutiny - Whittaker (uncredited)
1953 Ramar of the Jungle: Call to Danger (TV episode) - Matuwa
1953 Ramar of the Jungle: Savage Challenge (TV episode) - Chief Mucumba
1953 The Joe Louis Story - Jack 'Chappie' Blackburn
1953 Ramar of the Jungle: Blind Peril (TV episode) - Matuwa
1952 The Member of the Wedding - Honey Camden Brown
1951 Bright Victory - Joe Morgan
1951 The Steel Helmet - Cpl. Thompson
1951 The Ed Sullivan Show: Episode #4.18 (TV episode) - Himself
1949 Manhandled - Henry, Bennet's Butler (uncredited)
1949 Home of the Brave - Private Peter Moss
1949 The Set-Up - Luther Hawkins

Reference Edit

James Edwards: African American Hollywood Icon (Paperback)

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