1935 Palooka from Paducah (short) - Pa Diltz
1934 Evelyn Prentice - Undetermined Role (uncredited)
1926 The General - Union General
1925 Go West - Man in Barber Shop (uncredited)
1924 Sherlock Jr. - The Girl's Father
1923 Our Hospitality - The Engineer
1922 Daydreams (short) - The Girls Father (uncredited)
1922 The Electric House (short) - Extra (uncredited)
1921 The Goat (short) - Actor
1920 Neighbors (short) - His Father
1920 The Scarecrow (short) - Farmer (uncredited)
1920 Convict 13 (short) - Prisoner
1918 Good Night, Nurse! (short) - Man in Bandages (uncredited)
1918 The Bell Boy (short) - Guest
1918 Out West (short) - Man on train
1917 A Country Hero (short) - Cy Klone, Garage Owner

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