Birthplace: New Trenton, IN

Hoosier Home:

Death date:

IMDB AllMovie Wikipedia Official Fan

2010 thumb|300px|rightJohn Calvert His Magic and Adventures
2004 thumb|300px|rightCurse of the Elephant Graveyard *Added footage to "Dark Venture"
1956 Dark Venture - John Kenyon, Writer (writer) (as John Trevlac), producer (as John Trevlac), Director (as John Trevlac), Editor (as John Trevlac)
1954 The Red Skelton Hour: Episode #4.15 (TV episode) - Guest Magician
1954 The Silver Chalice - technical advisor
1952 Gold Fever - John Bonar, Writer (story), producer
1949 Search for Danger - Michael 'The Falcon' Waring
1948 Appointment with Murder - Michael Watling, the Falcon
1948 Devil's Cargo - Michael 'The Falcon' Watling
1945 Lawless Empire - Blaze Howard (uncredited)
1945 Ten Cents a Dance - Breezy Walker
1945 The Return of the Durango Kid - Leland 'Lee' Kirby
1945 Youth on Trial - Jud Lowry
1944 The Mark of the Whistler - Eddie Donnelly
1944 Are These Our Parents? - The Great Gaspar, Magician
1944 Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves - Thief (uncredited)
1943 Bombardier - Calvert the Magician (uncredited)

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