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1956 The Ten Commandments - Slave (uncredited)
1955 The Cisco Kid: Doorway to Nowhere (TV episode) - Mrs. Collins
1953 The Cisco Kid: Bullets and the Booby Trap (TV episode) - Grandma
1953 Summer Theatre: Dream Job (TV episode) - Miss Fenner
1953 The Cisco Kid: Church in the Town (TV episode) - Townswoman
1952 Racket Squad: The Case of No Questions Asked (TV episode) - Mrs. Lester
1952 Fireside Theatre: The Broken Chord (TV episode) - Mrs. Haggerty
1952 The Greatest Show on Earth - Buttons' Mother
1951 The Blue Veil - Mrs. Lipscott (uncredited)
1951 Fireside Theatre: The Substance of His House (TV episode) - Actress
1951 Storm Warning - Mrs. Rainey (uncredited)