Listing of Hoosier connections to the World of Star Trek.

Star TrekEdit

1966 09/22 "Where No Man Has Gone Before" LLOYD HAYNES 'Lt. Alden'
1967 04/13 "Operation: Annihilate!" HERSCHEL DAUGHERTY [Director]
1968 01/12 "A Piece of the Action" ANTHONY CARUSO 'Bela Oxmyx'
1968 03/08 "The Ultimate Computer" William Marshall plays Dr. Richard Daystrom. He invents a computer for war games but computer takes control of the Enterprise after the games.
1968 03/29 "Assignment: Earth" ROBERT LANSING 'Gary Seven'
1968 10/18 "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" GEORGE DUNING [Composer]
1968 12/06 "The Empath" GEORGE DUNING [Composer]
1969 02/21 "The Way to Eden" Deborah Downey
1969 02/28 "The Cloudminders" FRED WILLIAMSON 'Anka'
1969 03/07 "The Savage Curtain" HERSCHEL DAUGHERTY [Director]

Jack Tolbert (1930 - 4/1989 SPEEDWAY)

Mailroom clerk for Golden Rule Insurance Co.[1]

Double to William Shatner on Star Trek. Stuntman (Star Trek, McHale's Navy, Rawhide).

  1. Indpls Star, 4/23/1986.

Star Trek: The Motion PictureEdit

Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-94)Edit

  • Jeri Taylor (producer 1990-94)

Wrote "The Wonded" 1991 which introduced the Cardassians.

1990 01/01 "The Defector" * James Sloyan
1994 04/23 "Firstborn" * James Sloyan

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Edit

  • Avery Brooks
1994 01/09 "The Alternate" * James Sloyan 'Mora Pol'
1997 01/27 "The Begotten" * James Sloyan 'Mora Pol'

Star Trek: Voyager (1995-2001)Edit

  • Jeri Taylor (creator, producer 1995-98)
1995 05/15 "Jetrel" * James Sloyan


Star Trek (2009)Edit

  • Jason Matthew Smith 'Burly Cadet'

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